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Elyse Miranda Music Academy


Explore the world of music with our dynamic classes! Perfect for all ages and skill levels, our sessions delve into rhythm, melody, and more. Join us and let the music ignite your passion! Reserve your spot today.

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Delve into the fascinating world of music theory with our inclusive classes designed for all ages! From the basics of notes and scales to the complexities of harmony and composition, our curriculum offers a comprehensive exploration of musical concepts. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, students will develop a deeper understanding of how music works, unlocking the secrets behind their favorite songs and empowering them to express themselves creatively. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned musician, join us on this exciting journey of musical discovery. Enroll now and embark on a transformative learning experience that will enrich your musical journey for years to come!


Want to learn how to sing, but alongside peers? Take Singing for Soloists! This class is a mixture of solo singing as well as group activities, where students will learn how to sing healthy as well as give feedback and learn from their peers. Teaching is often the best way of learning, so students can teach one another in a healthy environment without any competition. This is also an option for students who are interested in singing but have never experimented before, as this is a great introduction if private instruction seems too detailed.


If one of these courses does not spike your interest but you still want to delve into the world of music, do not hesitate to reach out! Our academy is always looking for ways to continue growing and working alongside students, as that is always the goal: letting all students learn and perform! All over our website you can find contact information, and we implore you to reach out to our team and work together on more possibilities!

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