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Elyse Miranda

Composer, Singer, Orchestrator, Teacher 🎶




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Date of Birth:

April 4th, 2001

Elyse Miranda's Senior Recital
Elyse Miranda

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Elyse Miranda
Elyse Miranda Conducting at First Presbyterian Church of Upland

A Bit About Me

I am Elyse Miranda Swanson, and my musical journey is a tapestry woven with passion and dedication. From composing to singing and orchestrating, music is the heartbeat of my existence. It all began in my youth, captivated by the enchanting realms of choir and orchestra, though my initial encounter with the cello was brief due to the challenges of reading music. But that was just the beginning.

Through high school, I delved into the intricacies of music theory, honing my skills on the piano and expanding my repertoire. Choral music became my sanctuary, where my talent blossomed. One of the highlights was the debut of my original choral composition, "Do Not Stand at My Grave," a defining moment in my journey.

Based in Riverside, California, I wear many hats in the music and theater world. Currently, I serve as a stage manager and music director for multiple companies, infusing my expertise and passion into every production. Additionally, I'm an avid music, drama, and theory teacher, sharing my knowledge and love for the arts with eager learners.

My commitment to musical excellence extends beyond the stage. As the former assistant music director at First Presbyterian Church of Upland, I enriched worship experiences with my leadership. I also compose for Lightbox Children's Theater, captivating young audiences with enchanting melodies.

I continue to welcome opportunities to collaborate and connect with fellow enthusiasts in the musical and theatrical realms. Whether you're seeking a skilled composer, a passionate music director, or a dedicated educator, I'm here to bring your artistic vision to life. Let's connect and explore the endless possibilities together. 🎵🌟

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